First blog post on ~Mental Exaltation~

I begin this tale for reasons that will hopefully define me as I go along. This blog has been created for the very purpose of determining what sort of existence I shall lead and whether it will be “as broad as Nature”(Sherlock Holmes), or that of the “commonplace” (Sherlock Holmes). This blog will be whatever I make it, for I will endeavor to be spontaneous with my writings, in hopes that I do not dull or bore anyone who wishes to partake in this self discovering journey with me. Obviously this blog is for myself, however, I am of the kind that wishes to broaden the horizons of those around me by enlightening them with the thoughts of my own mind. I hope to be encouraging with my words as well as thought provoking with my understanding of this world and beyond. Another reason for this blog is because I wish my writing to be of a different kind, for “Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent” (Sherlock Holmes). I hope to be unique with my writing and inspire others the way others have inspired me. That being said, this blog will also share the wonders I have come across in my time that have been ever so encouraging and just purely amazing to me; there will be quotes from movies/tv, actors, famous people, people I know, and quotes from books that have encouraged me to write. I will also post some of my writings from school as to get a better handle on different forms of writing. It is very important for me to express myself correctly and promptly as to get my message across, which is why I would love and appreciate any form of comment and perhaps writing prompts from any of you.

I begin this journey on Blog Post One… Lets see where it shall lead!


*Sherlock Holmes quotes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s complete novels and short stories.

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Don’t Offensively Believe 

Doing something you believe because you believe it is different from doing something you believe purposely to offend someone else. The former is being true to yourself, which is something we all want, whereas the latter is being offensive to others while diminishing the truth of what you believe. Don’t let something you believe in become negative because you wanted to force it on those not willing to accept it.

The point of a prayer and a hope

If one knew for sure how and exactly when their hopes would be answered, then praying, wishing and hoping would be rendered inconsequential. The point of hoping and wishing for better, is that we must be patient enough to let it happen. What would we gain if we were handed out answers without having to earn it through at least trust and faith that everything will eventually work out for good?

Dogs are better than people <3

​”The fidelity of a dog is a precious gift demanding no less binding moral responsibilities than the friendship of a human being. The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be, a fact which should be noted by anyone who decides to acquire a canine friend.”~ “Man Meets Dog” Konrad Lorenz

Bravery or being Fearless?

Being brave is not the same thing as being fearless. Being brave is doing the things that scare you because you must. Being fearless is not respecting the fact that you are not indestructible. One is honorable and the other foolish; you decide which.

“You can’t be brave unless you’re afraid.” Jennifer Morrison 

“Courage isn’t just a matter of not being frightened, you know. It’s being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway.” The Doctor

Birds of Freedom


The feathered friend; as it soars among the heavens waves, does it plan its coarse or does it just drift where it may? Does this creature of freedom and flight have a destination in mind as it caresses the blue blanketed horizon? Does this beast just aimlessly glide into eternity not caring about anything as the wind gives a single breath to help guide as a sail? Neither the wind nor the feathered beast obeys father time as they only adhere to the ticking of the leaves and not that of a clock. Eventually the winged creature acknowledges a sense of time when it kisses the stars one last time before it slumbers and rests up for the coming day of adventurous freedom, and even then there are those who only begin to rise with the moon and are guided by constellations as to sing to the night.

The Value of Making a Profit over Making an Impression?

It seems to me that the world is placing value on the wrong things: things that bring money instead of hope. It seems that professionals in articles are telling kids to reeeally think hard about their futures, in specific terms of college majors and so forth. People say to choose something realistic that will provide financial gains. If you go to college and spend a fortune, make sure you pick a major that will make you the most money, not something that will make you happy. People are even making you wonder if going to college is worth it at all. We’re getting a whole lot of opinions but not much in the way of guidance and wisdom, especially in this day in age.

We’re told in articles that there are higher rates of unemployment in majors that are more about helping others instead of the jobs that are out to help themselves. Majors that are at a higher risk are majors like the arts, human services, PE, health, criminal justice, writing and education, while majors that are generally more stable are jobs in business; they are most practical. We are told to “BE WARNED!”, that we should invest in making a living to make a future and not to waste our life away on things we want to do. Articles are trying to tell people to teach children to think and act with their brain instead of their hearts. Governments are trying to cut art programs out of schools, as if they weren’t important to the development of people. They want creativity and uniqueness to be hidden away; what makes individuals special. We can’t and shouldn’t all be accounting drones. I can’t or rather I don’t want to understand this!

I believe it’s crazy not to value those majors that those say aren’t worth much in the long haul. All the majors that people say are at a high risk of unemployment, I can’t deny the statistics, yet maybe the real point is why those particular majors? Those are the majors that help the little guy; they should be valued. How can we not value educational jobs such as teachers? The Church has been saying for a while that we must stay out of the world as to not be corrupted by it, but the world is where we are and where we need to be. There’s a reason we were placed here; Jesus is the one who said that the healthy don’t need a doctor. Absolutely being a doctor is valued, but how can we not value education too? Why is it that teaching is on the risk for unemployment and is less valued and therefor payed less for and respected less for? Warning kids that they’ll not do well in education majors is like trying to tell Jesus that a teaching job won’t make him any money, that he won’t be able to survive on what he makes, as if all His lessons amounted to nothing when measured against how successful a physician can be these days.

Articles are warning kids that being a teacher won’t get them anywhere, when it should be the opposite. The world is telling people to pick a lifestyle that will make you money instead of making the world better. We are losing values and traditions; we are losing what truly matters. We’re taking art out of schools like we’re taking God out of schools. It’s like the arts aren’t important or valued, but God is the one who created beauty for us. God didn’t create money, humans put a value on useless materials instead of focusing on the flowers, things that make us dream. We need to live and imagine something more than finance and worrying how you’ll live day to day.

Humans are obsessed with the wrong things. It’s as if the value of making a profit is more important than making an impression. All jobs are important, I’m not demeaning the others, it takes great skill and hard work to get there, I’m just saying that we shouldn’t demean the arts and make it seem that those occupations are worthless when in fact they are worth more. It shouldn’t be more difficult or seem a waste to do what you love, especially when you were given that gift to show to the world.

I want to be a writer; my major is Professional Writing and Rhetoric. When I weighted my options, I would have liked to study Creative Writing, but I decided the former was more useful in the workforce and that I could still use creative writing as a hobby for my blog and whatnot. Creative Writing is often mentioned on high risk lists; however Professional Writing is actually quite well off considering that in every age the world always needs good writers for whatever trade you’re in. There are plenty of jobs that I could go into, however, this is not why I chose this major. I believe it was God’s gift to me to have such insight and be able to write about what I see and understand. I plan on of course hopefully getting a good sustainable job, but my main goal is to tell stories and to teach.

Jesus was and is a teacher/storyteller. One of my favorite stories in the Bible was of the fish and bread. The moral of that story was not about how much fish and bread they got, but the message behind it, the message of belief, faith and hope. Do we want to give the impression that making money is more important than the story? Do we want to make the impression that expressing oneself through art, writing, helping and teaching is less valuable than being able to manage financial gain?

I think not.

I understand this world. I am no fool not to believe that this world has a set standard for living and that I must live in it. I’m not ignorant to say that I just won’t be a part of it. I’m saying that while there will always be a set standard in our homemade society, there will always be that hope to bring back that old-style teaching, the teaching that brought 5,000 people on a hillside that stopped their work to listen to a man speak while not having a clue about their future, like what profits they were missing that day or what they were going to eat. This man speaking on a hillside got people to value something that could have been uncertain… but they all got to eat anyway and they got their fill and extras as well as a story that would be told for centuries. It was a moment when impression meant more than profits; we need that again.


Matthew 13: 10-17