First blog post on ~Mental Exaltation~ In an attempt to transform my life XD

I begin this tale for reasons that will hopefully define me as I go along. This blog has been created for the very purpose of determining what sort of existence I shall lead and whether it will be “as broad as Nature”(Sherlock Holmes), or that of the “commonplace” (Sherlock Holmes). This blog will be whatever I make it, for I will endeavor to be spontaneous with my writings, in hopes that I do not dull or bore anyone who wishes to partake in this self discovering journey with me. Obviously this blog is for myself, however, I am of the kind that wishes to broaden the horizons of those around me by enlightening them with the thoughts of my own mind. I hope to be encouraging with my words as well as thought provoking with my understanding of this world and beyond. Another reason for this blog is because I wish my writing to be of a different kind, for “Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent” (Sherlock Holmes). I hope to be unique with my writing and inspire others the way others have inspired me. That being said, this blog will also share the wonders I have come across in my time that have been ever so encouraging and just purely amazing to me; there will be quotes from movies/tv, actors, famous people, people I know, and quotes from books that have encouraged me to write. I will also post some of my writings from school as to get a better handle on different forms of writing. It is very important for me to express myself correctly and promptly as to get my message across, which is why I would love and appreciate any form of comment and perhaps writing prompts from any of you.

I begin this journey on Blog Post One… Lets see where it shall lead!


*Sherlock Holmes quotes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s complete novels and short stories.

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