Going to the Movies!

I have been to too few plays in my life, a disease I wish to one day remedy. I am however, an avid movie theatre attendee. I love to go extra early so I can pick my seat; not too high, not too low, and almost exactly in the middle, ah, just right! Another reason for getting there early would be because of the opening trailers and commercials. Half the fun for me going to a movie theatre would be the new trailers and experiencing the new fun of interesting movies to come. As I am waiting for the movie to start, more people start to show up with their friends and or family and begin looking for good seats themselves. It’s always interesting watching people look for their seats, because everyone knows that that is the seat you will be stuck with when the movie begins. There is almost a silent understanding between movie goers, and picking your seat is a big choice. The understanding of the mutual movie goers starts when they all enter the room and find their seats.


There is a silent bond shared between movie goers that you can’t always tell until something funny happens and they all laugh, or something shocking happens and they all gasp. I have felt this connection with audiences before and it is quite fascinating and amazing. One such movie where I felt this bond was in the movie, Avengers Age of Ultron. There were definitely moments that initiated emotional responses from the crowd; times where everyone laughed together, or held their breath together, and also times where you didn’t know for sure, but you knew that you couldn’t have been crying alone.

There were times in the movie where jokes were had and the whole audience would laugh together, as if we were all in the joke together. In the beginning of the movie, Captain America says a “not nice word” and Iron Man scolds him by saying, “LANGUAGE!” Everyone immediately laughed. The best part of that joke was that, like a family that uses something foolish you did early against you continuously, throughout the movie, whether it was Iron Man, Black Widow, or even Nick Fury, they all continued to use that joke in their own unique way and the audience loved it because they felt like they were all together in this inside joke. There were moments where Ultron would say something just so human that it would just be so hilarious because he was just metal and he was evil, so they must make the evil villain robot funny in some way. And then there were moments where something horribly tragic and unexpected would happen (which I’m not going to say because, Spoilers!) and the whole audience would go silent, or at least that’s how it felt. You knew or felt that the whole audience was feeling what you were feeling, because if those people chose to see this movie, then they must have been attached to these characters the same way you were, that’s why you went, because you cared.


What makes me always enjoy a movie is the actors making me believe that they’re not acting. Believing that what’s happening in the movie is real for the time while I’m watching it is the most important thing. If the actors don’t believe it, I don’t believe it and then the movie is ruined for me. Good writing and good acting is all that counts. Yes, good special effects are really cool however, they don’t make the movie. Some of the best shows I’ve seen had no grand props or special effects, but I didn’t care. The writing and the actors are the most important thing. Even if the plot may seem ridiculous, if the actors put their all, then I love it with my all.

Going to a movie I absolutely feed off the people around me. Like I said before, there’s a connection between movie goers that can be so strong when you all know why you are there to see that same movie. The reason why there are theatres of any kind is so that the people can feed off each other. It’s no fun to laugh or cry alone. That shared enthusiasm is extraordinary. It’s special when different people you may have never gotten with before, sit down together for a common interest. I’ve wished before that I could be the only person in a movie theatre, however, I hope that never happens. That’s not why movies exist; movies have always been around to bring people together so that they may share that same inexhaustible feeling when the movie starts up to when the credits roll. Movies are also here to bring a sense of nostalgia to its gathered audience, something you can’t get if you’re sitting in a theatre alone. The best example I’ve gotten was when Jurassic World came to theatres to celebrate the anniversary of the first Jurassic Park movie. Now I wasn’t alive when the first movie came out, but my sisters first movie as a small child was Jurassic Park. Even though I didn’t have that, I knew that everyone in the room was remembering their past and with the new movie showing, there was too much nostalgia in the room not to feel connected to everyone there. The same can be said of the latest Star Treks and Star Wars. ❤


Being an audience member is an amazing thing and I love it!


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