The Truth is why I write

“I was born and entered the world so that I could witness to the truth. Everyone who cares for truth, who has any feeling for the truth, recognizes my voice.” John 18:37/ The Message

The truth will set you and all of us free. The truth is not difficult to find unless you’re not looking for it, then it can seem tirelessly  out of reach and incomprehensible. When you do actively search for it, you can find it everywhere, even in the places you wouldn’t think, even while you are wandering through the wilderness in want of food and drink. There are multitudes of places to discover truth; the nourishment for your soul,and it all comes from the father. Even if the truth comes from another source and it makes you question it, it still is from the father and thus it is truth. Truth is not malleable, it does not change, however it can be taught differently or explained through different ideas and different people. Uncle Iroh from Avatar The Last Airbender once said, It is important to draw wisdom from different places. If you take it from only one place it become rigid and stale.” Wisdom comes from truth and truth is all around us if we look for it and actively try to understand and share it with others. It is important to seek truth in all areas of existence, for our father created all existence, therefore every truth, though it may come from a unfamiliar place, is important in order to comprehend us and discover what we can become.


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