Walk with Purpose

Do you ever get stuck behind someone who’s walking or driving very slowly, and they happen to be taking up the whole hallway, sidewalk, or both the lanes in traffic, while you are screaming in your head ‘Don’t you have somewhere to be?!!!!’?  I know I have dealt with this annoying happening that is impossibly frustrating. When people do this, I get frustrated because I feel as though they are holding me back from something important.

I have learned to always walk with purpose; always walk as though you have a reason to be going or doing whatever it is you are aiming for, and aim high! If you walk with purpose,  walk as if you’re important, because you are and you don’t deserve to be held back by those who drag on aimlessly. If you walk as though you have a purpose  you will soon realize that you have a purpose and you will never be held back again.

Also, you’ll never late for a class, work or a meeting again

BTW, I don’t mean speed on the highway, being reckless or being rude to others–

Walk with Purpose but be cautious and follow the law and be kind always.

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