Global Warming?

Both sides of the argument have research and science backing them up. There are decent arguments for both sides. Both agree with the science that, from the video Physics of Global Warming, that Carbon Dioxide does take in radiation, and the radiation escapes into space. The main argument is on whether or not human influence is making too much carbon dioxide thus making it more difficult for energy, or radiation to escape into space, thus the result being that the earth heats up. The people who are arguing that humans interfering is not causing global warming has good evidence for themselves.  The two articles, Global Warming is a Myth and Human- Produced Carbon Dioxide Does Not Contribute Significantly to Global Warming, believe that it is silly for anyone to believe that the little impact humans have is going to vastly effect our planet. They say that it is not scientifically proven. The articles would suggest that any cool or warming of the earth is a natural phenomenon that humans have no control over. They admit that the industrialization age probably didn’t help, but it is not the cause of Global Warming. The people said that it is and has been natural for the earth to go through periods of cooling and warming and it has never occurred because of humans. They even suggest that global warming could actually be a good thing. They said that the earth could benefit from this warming, whether it being done naturally or by humans. Science has proven that the more Carbon Dioxide, the faster plants will grow and much more. They wonder how that could be a bad thing. This group of people would believe that it is ignorant of those scientists to ignore science and facts in order to scare people where there is no threat. The group arguing that global warming is real and will have disastrous effects on earth and ourselves has good evidence as well. The articles, Global Warming is Real and Human- Produced Carbon Dioxide Contributes to Global Warming, believe that global warming is very real and science backs them up. Both articles also agree that the sun’s rays send down radiation to the earth and it mixes with the greenhouse gasses and absorbs, thus warming the earth and the energy not being able to return to space. This side says they have proof and its nonsense to believe otherwise. They bring up the fact that animals are migrating earlier, plants are rising faster, oceans ice caps are melting. These are happenings that have been observed and measured over time. These people are not making these events up.

It’s hard for me to say which I find most persuasive. They are both backed up by science and both sides are reasonable. I think it’s fair to say that they both could be right… if they worked together. A flaw that could be for both of them is like what Sherlock Holmes once said, “Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts” (Quotes About Sherlock Holmes (315 quotes).

I do not believe that the people in these articles, whatever side, is ignorant or uninformed. It’s one thing to say something without proof, just because you happen to believe it, but if you are well informed, like the scientists in these articles and videos, then how can these people be ignorant, they just have a different viewpoint? I’d say that a person would only be ignorant and uniformed if they spouted facts that they didn’t understand just to try and win an argument. Mr. Spock once said that “insufficient facts always invite danger” (Staff, THR). Putting away the ones who spout nonsense just because they can, even though they do not know of what they speak, I do not believe that just because some scientists believe that global warming is not true, does not mean that they are ignorant. I do think it means that they are stuck in their ways, just as the ones who believe in global warming are stuck in their way of thinking. I say this because both sides have valid and scientifically proven reasons for backing their claims, I believe it only to stand to reason thereof, that they both must be right and wrong. If you only act on what you know alone, then you will always be stuck. Mr. Sherlock Holmes said that “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact” (Quotes About Sherlock Holmes (315 quotes). Both sides believe that they are infallible, thus they think the other side ludicrous. If they took a time to think about it they might come to a resolution. I believe in both sides. There is no denying that global warming exists, we see the poof as the scientists states it, animals migrating earlier, and ice caps melting. Besides the fact that we humans are messy and wasteful, it’s not hard to believe that we are ruining our planet. At the same time, I believe that our planet is a lot tougher than we give her credit for. Whether you believe the earth is millions of years old or just thousands, you know that the earth has gone through humongous changes that had nothing to do with humans. I’m not even going to try to understand the science of it all, but some things are clear. I believe in what I can see and understand, that with the video Horizon Guide to Climate Changes, that there are climate changes, and I do believe that has to do with humans, but I also believe that the earth does go through changes naturally. We as humans do need to treat our land better, but that doesn’t mean that our whole world has not gone through changes like this before without the act of humans.

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