God Holds My Heart

I’ve always been told, and I know others have been told the same, to love God more than everything. We must love God more than our favorite possessions and memories, we must love Him more than our friends, we must love Him more than our pets, and we must love Him more than our family. Although I’ve always loved God, I could never comprehend how we flawed humans could ever actually hold God and love Him more than anything else in our lives, whether we could admit it or not. I’ve always tried to understand how it could even be possible. I know I love God, but when trying to think that I love Him more than my family,  I get stuck. I want to try more than anything to do what I’m told, but it’s difficult to share the same love for both; family being physical and love is relatively plain and simple, love for God being something… different. I feel love for God is something different, something that we humans can’t comprehend, which is why I believe its so difficult to compare the different loves. Being honest, we don’t love God the same way we love our family, it’s something very different, I dont think that that’s wrong though. There’s something so great about the concept of love, and because God created love in the first place, by doing the greatest act of love for us, sacrificing His son for us, we don’t have to think of loveing Him the same way because love is not a simple matter. Love is a broad and complex thing. Love for God is complicated for us humans because just as His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, His love is higher and more complex than our love. I believe it’s okay to hold God at a different standard of love than your family, for when we are told to love God more than our family, that is a love so deep and passionate, that it is in a completely different level to our family. I think of it like this, “We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19. The father created love so of course we won’t fully comprehend what love truly is until we are with him. 

When people tell me to love God more than everything, I try my best to understand what that means and try to enact it. The best way for my tiny human mind to even try to do that, is to put love for God on a whole different level, and I do this by saying that, God holds my heart so that I can learn to love as he does and by learning to love as he does,  one day I will comprehend the love He has for me and I will in turn, give Him back the love that He deserves.

To love God more than anything is for God to hold my heart and teach me to love.

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