Genetically Modified Food?


Two articles that were for the idea of allowing and furthering the development of genetically modified foods were Genetically Modified Foods Provide Safe and Healthy Choices for Consumers and Genetically Modified Crops Can Help Ease World Hunger. The main arguments from the both of them were mostly about lowering the cost of manufacturing goods while doubling the size of crops providing a larger than normal supply of goods. These articles were all about feeding the hungry, like the third world and also giving the farmers the right to choose for themselves what they want to do for themselves and their crops. These articles also suggest that there is no evidence of actual harm to people’s health, while it does and can prevent draught in wheat and have crops be pest and disease free, as well as allergen free grass. One big point that this side wishes people to understand is that this idea is not something they just made up yesterday, they’ve had years of research and development; they want people to accept this and not live in fear of unexpected consequences.

The two articles that were against the idea of genetic engineering were Genetically Engineered Food Poses Ethical Concerns and Control over your food: Why Mansato’s GM Seeds are Undemmocratic. Both of these articles had a strong argument for the safety and health of the civilian population, mostly concerning the children. They claim that an unforeseen issue that could pop up could be severe allergic reactions for people, given that these plants are not tested well enough, which would be immoral. They want people to be aware of possible health risks due to messing with nature. Another argument was about how once the seeds are planted, they will replicate and become its own generation and have unforeseen risks to our future. A big argument made by this side is that with scientists making these genetically made crops, its production would be owned by the government and they would control the supply and decide what happens to it as well as how it gets distributed.

I would have to say the most persuasive for myself would be staying and finding natural ways to take care of our people. Though I can appreciate the massive achievements in technology, I do believe there must be a line we don’t cross which could have catastrophic consequences on our planet. Also, allowing the government to have all access to this process, who’s to say that the food will even go to the ones who need it, or maybe that will be the food that they give them, considering the possible risks involved. I agree with the article An Overview of the Genetically Modified Food Debate, when it spoke of the fact that while technology can help us, who’s to say whether the consequences wont outweigh the benefits? In the video Genetically Modified Food: A Debate, I found myself understanding the side about wanting to improve GE food and the other benefits, however, I may be a bit traditional when it comes to wanting to keep a bit natural. I like technology, but I also like the natural earth, the way plants naturally grow for us. I understand that there’s issues for us in that, however, no matter what we do, there will always be problems. If we cheat ourselves out of hard labor so that it will be easier, what issues could follow? The video also spoke about super weeds and insects that will become immune to pesticides.


It’s often difficult to take sides, especially when both sides are and could be right. But I have to go with my gut and say that I am not in favor of genetically modifying foods. Besides the risks already mentioned, I just don’t think it’s right. I believe it’s playing God and we must never mess with the natural world. We don’t own this planet, we are only guests. To act as though the earth is something that we can just mold to our whim is arrogant and dangerous. This topic is on a similar level to the topic we discussed about human cloning; getting too close to having a power that is dangerous in any human hand, which is flawed and motivated by pride and greed. In one of the articles that is trying to promote genetically modified foods, they said something to the effect of pick and choosing desirable traits in plants in order to only produce those. It reminded me of an episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, when they were dealing with the consequences of rouge scientists that manipulated genetics in order to make, essentially super humans. These were considered genetically engineered mutants/humans who were not allowed to partake in normal society because they had advantages like being smarter or stronger. Some would say it’s just a show however, scientists can do this now, picking genetics they want so that their babies can have blue eyes and the like. All it takes is for one person to cross a line that has never been set because no one thought it would ever be done. Common sense is not all that common, just like a sense of morality is not. I do not believe it is appropriate even for food, for the fact that, in truth, we have enough resources, we are all just too greedy to see that. We’ve always stolen land, even though we had enough. If prices for food weren’t so high, and the fact that fatty foods are cheap and healthy foods are expensive… somethings wrong with that. No matter what, life will find a way and when it does, it can either be a blessing because we’ve treated the earth the way it deserves, or it will take revenge on us causing us to regret our decisions of messing with things we don’t even understand.

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