Assignment for Rhetoric class: Choose a space that is significant to you and how it has shaped you as an individual. 

For others to understand who I am, I needed to figure out who I was first, a process which can be the most challenging aspect of self-discovery, go figure… As I perused the dusty files in my brain attic, straining to pull out anything in my past or present that would help provide insight into who I am today, I made the mistake of picking a space that, while I believed it to express how complex I am, made it challenging to get my main point across, which in turn made my extensive space, the place I chose being my brain, quite limited. While I thought I was being quite creative and original, I came to realize, through my professor’s guidance, that there was an even better space that I had not even considered that would tell the tale of me better than I ever could. A blog is a regularly updated platform for any individual to share their thoughts and feelings about existence, I have such a blog. Through thorough evaluation with my professor, I came to realize that my blog is my home, my mind palace; my space that holds a very unique and special significance for me and who I am as well as how I perceive the world. My blog allows me to express my thoughts, review other people’s works, and eventually discover the ultimate truth about our existence.

My blog, which is called mental exaltation, is the significant space in my life that allows me to be my unadulterated self by allowing me to have a safe space where I can figure out the mindboggling thoughts that scramble through my head. Mental exaltation is about the adventurous journey of discovery. Just like the great Sherlock Holmes, who helped inspire my blog, I am constantly bored by the dull trivial aspects of life and wish my mind to be exercised through constant mental challenges. I wish to have my beliefs challenged as to understand what others believe as to also get a better grip on what I believe, only then can people truly find common ground. I use my blog as a way to understand my thoughts and try to persuade others in my direction. My thoughts are spontaneous and varied and wild, so why shouldn’t my blog posts be the same? If one asked what genre I focus on for my blog, I would say mental exaltation. I will write in a wide range atmosphere as to allow multitudinous topics to emerge and be engraved in stone on my blog. Many of the topics I cover, the issues that invade my thoughts, are ones about writing, morality, humanity, Christianity, inspiration and encouragement, and a wide range of controversial topics such as gun control, global warming, euthanasia, capital punishment, advancements in technology and many more. Just as I wish to broaden my mind with new ideas and concepts, I wish my readers to think about these topics in a new light. I wish these thoughts to creep inside their minds so that they can do what everyone should, think. The thoughts in my head is what started my blog, and other people’s works, the ones I review, are the ones that keep me thinking.

Thinking is how I review other people’s works. Many of my reviews are about thinkers. I have reviewed television and movies, stories that challenge the status quo and make one think in a broad scope. I have also reviewed great poems that force you to see life and death as it is meant to be. The stories I have loved to review are the stories of Socrates, Crito, Phaedo and more. These stories were written down by Plato, a man who wanted the prominent words of wisdom to be forever etched out and remain immortal in the hearts of men. The men Plato recalls are men of thought, ones who talk and debate for a living. The time Plato spoke about was a time when some people wished to understand true existence, instead of just conforming to societies standards of what should discussed. These men touched subjects that were dark yet enlightening. These men wanted to reach out and grab something that is not attainable through the hand of mortal flesh, but that of the mind and heart. The whole point of the conversations these men had, were to get to the heart of the matter, to get to truth, whatever it may be.

The goal I wish to present through my blog, is the arduous, but all together worth it journey to discovering ultimate truth. Truth is not malleable, it does not change; truth does not change from person to person, or culture to culture. I believe that there is one truth that is scattered across all creation and that means that one person thousands of miles away may have a bit of the truth I’m searching for. My blog allows me to get to truth by traveling the great expanse of my mind and exploring other regions of different people’s minds so that I can channel those thought processes into something positive. As someone who is attaining to become a writer, I wish to tell the story of truth with a mastery of words and a comprehension of meaning. I wish to discover the scattered puzzle pieces all across the world as to piece them together and make art. I wish to discover that floating bottle in the ocean, that allegory message that desperately seeks to be sought after and share it with the world.

Like most beings, I am a complex individual who tries to find meaning in their life. Many people find meaning by being in the space that is most significant to them, as to gain insight into who they are. Though I am far from fully knowing who I am, I know how I will get there. Through my blog, I am able to be open-minded and adventurous, when in reality it can be more frightening. Through my blog, I can show that I am open to all possibilities and new ideas of the unknown. My blog, mental exaltation, has shown me that the essence of my being is one that observes the outside world and draws it in safe and warm as to be able to comprehend what I’ve seen and relate it back through my blog in a way that is hopefully helpful. Mental exaltation is my safe space, my way of figuring out not only this existence, but myself as well as who I will become. My safe space is something that can stay with me wherever I go, so even though I am away from the place I consider home, I will always have my space of comfort, the space I can visit to look over words I have written and write new ones. Through my blog I do know something about myself, I want to be of the kind that uses words to provoke change in the world by instilling truth in my readers.


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