Dreaming While Awake- Visual Poem

Reality bludgeons its way;
forces one awake
to all hearts dismay,
it exposes our dreams as fake
We trudge ahead on dismal paths,
craving to go back;
back to the realm of starlit muse
we would if we could so choose
Down the troden road we plod,
we subsist in such drudgery
we are introduced to life; he is a sod
for life is such misery
From whence we were forced to open our eyes
We saw life and we were traumatized
If only we could go back to where that starlight resides
We would see life with technicolor eyes
Life isn’t as bad as all that though
For nature’s hues don’t always fall flat, so
Look beyond what the eyes can see
And we will return to the realm of fantasy

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