Critical Thinking/ Assignments

Toast for the Lads

The meaning behind Starry Night?

The Captive Unicorn Meaning?

The Ever Swan

Euthanasia Controversy- Yea or Nay?

What is the worst emotion a human being can feel?

Human Cloning?

Gun Control?

Logic and Love

Global Warming?

Genetically Modified Food?

Where’s the Line?

Capital punishment

Is Smart Technology Making us Dumb?


Sherlock Holmes and Providence

The Value of Making a Profit over Making an Impression?

Bravery or being Fearless?

Don’t Offensively Believe 

The Pop Quizzes of Life; Where is God?

The Writing Center- A Tutors Journey

Literature Evaluation- Sherlock Vs. Spock

Soap and Sheep

Persecuted for Your Beliefs?

Living Stories

Revision Your Life

Rhetorical Reality: Altering Students Perception of Writing with Invention

A Future You Can Afford

Body Armor Beautiful