Redeem the Name

Just a few of the misguided can sully the name of a good people, sadly, it takes many more to change the hearts of those who believed the few over the many. It is a shame, however,  the noblest of causes were ones that had to be proven through great effort, patience, and love.


The Pop Quizzes of Life; Where is God?

When life seems to throw many different, yet similarly difficult obstacles in your path, and you believe perhaps that God has abandoned you, and you’re tired of hearing how struggles make us stronger and wonder where Gods help is, think of life like it gives you many unexpected, and difficult pop quizzes that you think you’ll never pass. Pop quizzes are never looked forward to, they never seem helpful while you’re taking them, it seems like minutes are hours if not years, the teacher cannot help you and neither can the other students; all seems lost and hopeless. You often feel alone, especially when it’s a subject you’re already not great at. Your mind goes blank and strains to grasp any answers and you ask, why this pop quiz, why couldn’t it have been something I know more about or could actually handle, how will this pop quiz help me at all?!!! You might be asking yourself how this could possibly help your teacher, or maybe they are feeling pleasure from your discomfort, why else would pop quizzes be unannounced so you couldn’t study ahead of time… perhaps so that the teacher can watch the students squirm?

The answer is often times simpler than your quiz, which is why it’s difficult to hear, especially while you’re still in the middle of your quiz. Pop quizzes aren’t meant to make you suffer, often times if students are well prepared for the chance of a pop quiz, they might struggle a bit but in the end make it out alive. The point of a pop quiz is for the teacher to see where you are in terms of preparedness. Your teacher wants to know where you are without their help, as to afterwards meet you where you are and give you the tools so you can do it on your own.

If God is the teacher, and he allows pop quizzes to come into our lives, and it seems he’s not helping, it’s because he wants to see where we are to prove that we are prepared for hard times, because he went through hard times too. It’s true that hard times makes us stronger because after the strenuous pop quiz, the teacher can help you pick up the pieces, especially if you ask for help. The teacher will correct your mistakes and give you the tools to improve on what you already have.

It may be difficult during the pop quiz but we must stay strong. It’s okay to get upset and question God, but then you must breathe and remember to have serenity and faith through the fire. Only then will it prove the authenticity of what you claim to believe, and prove to God that you do believe that he is on your side and that he will not let you get burned.




Reaching for Truth

I can speak my truths, but when I write them down, it is only then that God takes over and clears my muddled brain and directs my mind and thoughts to what is truly important. Whatever words speak to me, I will write down and share with others. My purpose is not about obtaining followers or glory or even a huge paycheck, my purpose is about reaching people for truth.

Let Hope Guide

Fear was once my GPS: personally adjusted to avoid road blocks and tolls with precise accuracy so that I would never stray from the set path in front of me, the one I had chosen. It wasn’t until much later that I realized that sometimes fear doesn’t always keep me safe by avoiding stressors, sometimes fear purposely makes me lost, makes me lose my signal and gain a new fear, a fear that I am alone. I realized that fear is not a good GPS because even though it avoids stumbling blocks that I’m aware of, the ones I try desperately to steer clear of, it creates new dilemmas that I have not yet foreseen, which can often times be scarier, sides, regardless of fear, one still needs to pay the fee at every troll bridge to more forward. I have decided henceforth to let hope become my GPS for this very reason. Though I may still be fearful at times, hope will be my motivator and guide my path to where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going and I will never be alone.

Don’t Offensively Believe 

Doing something you believe because you believe it is different from doing something you believe purposely to offend someone else. The former is being true to yourself, which is something we all want, whereas the latter is being offensive to others while diminishing the truth of what you believe. Don’t let something you believe in become negative because you wanted to force it on those not willing to accept it.

The point of a prayer and a hope

If one knew for sure how and exactly when their hopes would be answered, then praying, wishing and hoping would be rendered inconsequential. The point of hoping and wishing for better, is that we must be patient enough to let it happen. What would we gain if we were handed out answers without having to earn it through at least trust and faith that everything will eventually work out for good?

Dogs are better than people <3

​”The fidelity of a dog is a precious gift demanding no less binding moral responsibilities than the friendship of a human being. The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be, a fact which should be noted by anyone who decides to acquire a canine friend.”~ “Man Meets Dog” Konrad Lorenz