Assignment for Rhetoric class: Choose a space that is significant to you and how it has shaped you as an individual.  For others to understand who I am, I needed to figure out who I was first, a process which can be the most challenging aspect of self-discovery, go figure... As I perused the dusty … Continue reading www.mentalexaltation.wordpress.com

Do Something 

Don't just sit there with a judgmental attitude and ask why something bad happened, get up and see what you can do to help. If you ask God where he was when tragedy struck, the real question is why aren't you there now? Don't complain about the state of the world if you're not willing … Continue reading Do Something 

The Value of Making a Profit over Making an Impression?

It seems to me that the world is placing value on the wrong things: things that bring money instead of hope. It seems that professionals in articles are telling kids to reeeally think hard about their futures, in specific terms of college majors and so forth. People say to choose something realistic that will provide … Continue reading The Value of Making a Profit over Making an Impression?