I will be proud the day I graduate and then the next day I will set forth to swim in possibilities. I will have learned at the end of this journey that there is more journey and there is more to be learned. I don’t know what I don’t know and I will continue to … Continue reading Knowings

Is it Wise to be Right?

There's a difference between being right and being wise. The first by itself is desolate, no one to listen or care. The second has acquired an audience because wisdom is attained not from being right but by listening, only then will people care about what you have to say. Shouldn't the main point of being … Continue reading Is it Wise to be Right?

Redeem the Name

Just a few of the misguided can sully the name of a good people, sadly, it takes many more to change the hearts of those who believed the few over the many. It is a shame, however,  the noblest of causes were ones that had to be proven through great effort, patience, and love.