I will be proud the day I graduate and then the next day I will set forth to swim in possibilities. I will have learned at the end of this journey that there is more journey and there is more to be learned. I don’t know what I don’t know and I will continue to … Continue reading Knowings

Living Stories

Literary Narrative for class: I got a 95!  Stories are my life. I breathe in stories as if they were my oxygen, and exhale words of my own to express the feelings and emotions I get from taking them in. Stories help me relate to the world in a way that’s not totally inside the … Continue reading Living Stories

What is the worst emotion a human being can feel?

There are a multitude of human emotions that exist that could be considered the worst emotion; anger, fear, sadness, shame, envy and so many more. Even what’s considered good emotions people could suggest are the worst; joy, trust, kindness, surprise. Above all others, I believe love to be the worst emotion for a human being … Continue reading What is the worst emotion a human being can feel?